Well hello there! And a big warm welcome to The Virtual Campfire!


I’m Hayley *wave*! Founder of The Virtual Campfire.Hayley Gillard


For years I’ve been running real life campfires! Fun, creative, friendly events where women can get together, meet likeminded people, talk about emotional health and (re)connect with themselves, other women and the natural world. At all of these events the vibe was high, the energy flowed and people kept telling me they wanted more.

Something magical was happening.


We were realising that we live in a disconnected world. A world where we are bombarded by advertising, concrete, skyscrapers, tarmac and electricity. We’d forgotten what has been fundamental to human beings for hundreds of thousands of years. We realised that we needed, not wanted, but NEEDED, real human connection, friendship, feminine support and a safe place to laugh, cry, celebrate, fall apart, moan, support others and be supported.

We needed more. We were forming a community every time we met. People kept coming back for more and people were staying in touch. I cannot even begin to put into words the deep longing, freedom and joy that came with being surrounded by people you didn’t have to be anything but yourself with.

We needed more.

In April 2017 I set up an online wellbeing hub so that we could continue the support, the conversations, the sharing and the emotion that we experienced around the campfire. It needed to be safe and secure, portable and accessible from anywhere. IGNITE + GLOW was born. A membership club where the focus is on improving health and wellbeing, where we’re joined by guest experts and have weekly live calls.

In September 2018 The Virtual Campfire was born. A social enterprise designed to bring the feeling of community (and all the support and happiness that is) to women –  – regardless of their location, financial position or social status.

We’ve captured the ethos above and created magic. An online hub and real life meet-ups for women craving connection – with themselves, with others and with the Earth.

We’d love you to join our tribe.


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