We are nature. We’re not separate from it. We’re animals, with animal instinct and animal behaviours. We need the natural environment to survive. Our work recognises that as a species we are becoming more and more disconnected to home.

Pre-Industrial Revolution we lived in the midst of nature. We hunted and gathered, we lived in buildings made from natural materials. We were farmers, we made things and we lived in communities around campfires. We shared, we interacted and we cared for each other. We raised each others’ children, we looked after the sick and elderly and we had each others’ backs. We had to to survive. Our lives were determined by weather patterns, crop yields, the health of our animals and where the best shelter was. Life was hard, yes, but it was simpler too.

It’s only been since the Industrial Revolution that we’ve migrated towards city living. We now live in a world where we’re bombarded on a second by second basis by advertising, social media, electricity, tarmac, concrete and plastic. We live in high rise block of apartments and work in offices with strip lighting and no windows. We’ve even spoken to people where office plants are banned!


Our children are starved of the natural environment and us adults have forgotten how to play, how to feel freedom and we spending our working weeks longing and craving for the one week beach holiday or the annual ski trip.




We all know the statistics on how stress has a massive influence on our workforce. You know how much of an impact mental health problems can have on absence rates and staff retention. You’ve probably felt the tension and pressure yourself of when life gets overwhelming and you’re trying to hold it together. And if you don’t know the stats, keep reading…!

Why not do something to prevent stress instead?

Imagine having a team that was connected, that bounced ideas off each other and felt excited about the projects they were working on!

Imagine staff who communicated well, who turned up for work smiling and who consistently hit their targets and wanted more!

Imagine managers who inspired others, people who were engaged and a whole organisational culture of positivity, enthusiasm and a go-getting attitude.

It would make you happier would it? It would make your staff happier too. And actually, that happiness would lead to higher productivity and motivation, better staff retention rates, lower sickness rates and a healthier bank balance.

It’s possible! I can help you.


Nature-based wellbeing days

Let’s get outside! Bring your team and lets have some fun! Get people excited, connected, motivated and breathing in fresh air! Get away from your office for the day and build your team strengths, wellbeing and productivity. Choose from the menu of options below:

Full day = £80pp Half day = £40pp

Held in 50 acres of private woodland in Otley.


One to one outdoor coaching

You’ll find no stuffy, office-based, eye contact cringe inducing, coaching here! We’ll head out of the office and walk and talk. Walking side by side creates a more natural conversation, people open up better and relax more. We’ll have lunch in the park or coffee on a bench whilst we work through problems, challenges and issues. Fresh air increases our oxygen levels which improves productivity and focus. Your employee will come back motivated and with a plan of action.

I’m qualified and accredited through the National Council of Psychotherapists, I have degrees in Leadership Management and Business Enterprise. I run all my coaching through my other business, specifically set up to support business owners and leaders.

We can develop a package to suit your needs which can be flexible from a one-off hour to a regularly weekly commitment.


Your staff are the biggest asset in your organisation. Supporting your employees is essential to organisational success. The statistics above show that an investment into the wellbeing of your staff can make a huge difference.

Hayley Gillard - Ecotherapist

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